Incheon Chinatown

Incheon’s Chinatown is Korea’s only official Chinatown. It is in Jung-gu and was formed in 1884. It claims to be the largest Chinatown in South Korea, and features an 11-meter high Chinese-style gateway, or paifang. As of 2007 few ethnic Chinese live in the Incheon Chinatown. There are both many food and various attractions in Incheon Chinatown.

The history of Incheon Chinatown is over 100 years old. While not all traditional culture of the first generation has been preserved, the area still harbors many of the flavors of China.


Incheon Chinatown provides people with various food, attractions. In Incheon Chinatown, there are many food such as Sweet and Sour pork, Assorted Seafood and Vegetables with Mustard Sauce, Noodles with Black Soybean Sauce(Jajangmyeon), Fortune Cookie, Mooncake, Gongal Bread (Pita Bread) and so on. On the busy streets of Korea’s biggest Chinatown in Incheon stands Gonghwachun, one of the most popular Chinese restaurants among tourists to the area. And Moon Cake is a kind of bread, which is baked in a round moon-shaped food. It is a symbol of China’s traditional Thanksgiving foods like a rice cake in Korea. And Gongal Bread (Pita Bread) is a kind of Chinese bread. It is called a Chinese pancake. Inside the bread, it is empty and the only outer part of the bread is inflately baked. And, Incheon Chinatown provides many places to buy various things such as Chipao, Antique Pottery, Traditional Tea, Jewelry and Accessories, Tea cup set. Chipao is a China’s traditional costume. All men and women can wear this costume. but, It is usually referred to a dress for women. Also, Incheon Chinatown has many attractions such as Paeru,(Chinese temple), History of Three States Mural Street, Korea and China Cultural Center, etc. Paeru is a Chinese traditional gate installed in the village entrance, is temple of Chinese, History of Three States Mural Street is decorated with murals with the explanation of important scenes of History of Three States. Incheon Chinatown is located close to other outing such as Freedom Park, Songwoldong Fairytale town, Wolmido, and so on.