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Jayu (Freedom) Park in Incheon has gone by many different names over the years. Jayu Park is located on Mt. Eungbongsan near the port. After the opening of Korea in 1887 a park was created in Incheon. The park was created by foreigners and is now called Jayu Park. The park was called Seo Park during the Japanese Colonial Period but the name was changed to Jayu Park (Freedom Park) when a statue of General MacArthur was erected after the Korean War on October 3rd, 1957.


Gyeyangsan is a mountain located in Incheon, South Korea. It has an elevation of 395 m. Its elevation is second highest in Incheon next to the elevation of Manisan which is located in Gwanghwa Island. On the top of the mountain, people can see Gimpo Airport and the view of Seoul on the east, various islands such as Gwanghwa Island and Yeongjongdo on the west, Goyang on the north, and whole view of Incheon on the south. It is one of the symbols that represent Incheon.


Songdo Central Park is a public park in the Songdo district of Incheon, South Korea. The park is the centerpiece of Songdo IBD’s green space plan, inspired by NYC Central Park. Central Park is a public zone in the center of Korea’s first international city, covering 101 acres (41 hectares); the park covers almost 10{738739ce6b6a239ca4e067656a1128dd4e40a95e081aecff75965cda50c851cf} of Songdo IBD’s total area. It serves to connect to various civic and cultural destinations by providing a seawater canal that refreshes itself every 24 hours.